Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a loving approach to enter into the domain of our subconscious minds to understand why and how we think and react to the stimuli of life. We often hold self-sabotaging beliefs within the layers of our subconscious mind. When we honestly begin this journey within our selves, guided by a certified hypnotherapist, we can experience profound and permanent healing. Trust that your higher self will orchestrate this life-altering journey in a safe and loving way. All of the answers you seek are within.

Energy Sessions

The scientific basis for all energy modalities is rooted in Albert Einstein’s mathematical equation that proves that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. This equation is represented as E=mc²

In 1924, the first human energy field to be well documented was the “Field of the Heart.” Willem Eintoven received the Nobel Prize for his energy research that lead to the “Electrocardiogram”. It has been scientifically established that organs such as the heart and brain produce bioelectric fields that travel through the tissues of the body.

The fundamental law of Physics known as Ampere’s Law states, “When currents flow through conductors such as wires or living tissues, magnetic fields must be produced in the surrounding space.” This biomagnetic field provides the fundamental parameter of energy healing. Through the law of entrainment, two oscillating bodies lock into phase such that they vibrate in harmony. This Physics phenomenon of resonance was first observed in the 17th century.

Human hands are sensitive to vibrations and energy fields. Intuitively, a healer understands how to become a conduit of Divine Energy to assist an individual to heal themselves. Maryann is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and provides energy treatments by appointment only.